Available and accessible

Keeps your staff in touch with each other and your customers.


Being available and accessible keeps your staff in touch with each other and your customers, enabling them to make the right decisions at the right time. Manage you spend on mobile communications with a range of solutions that will help to keep your business on the move.



Bulk SMS

Bulk SMS is a Prepaid and Postpaid service that allows content providers and companies …


POSTPAID Internet Hybrid data (4G seamless)

Save even more by activating one of our monthly postpaid Hybrid internet plans on a flat monthly …


CUG (Closed User Group)

Get all your employees on unlimited voice and SMS access at an affordable monthly 


Local interconnect voice & sms

“Affiliate” in relation to either party to this contract means any company or other entity …


Business Time

The ultimate package for the employee who is on the move- attending meetings, site visits…


Hybrid Data

Hybrid data is a Postpaid data service on prepaid lines. Companies can buy internet …


Business Call Assist

Business Call Assist is a virtual IVR solution that allows companies to automatically …


Corporate APN (CPNET)

This is a service that enables IP connectivity over the MTN GSM network. the private APN is …


Machine to Machine

MTN’s machine-to-machine services combines the power of a world class data network …

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