ToR for leasing vehicles Pure EVs

MTN is a licensed GSM cellular network operator in various countries with a subscriber base in excess of 200 million.  It provides cellular network access and associated services through its subsidiaries and joint ventures in Rwanda, South Africa, Swaziland, Uganda, Zambia, Nigeria, Ghana, Benin, Congo B, Guinea Conakry, Liberia, Guinea Bissau, Cameroon, Ivory Coast, Afghanistan, Iran, Yemen, Syria, Cyprus, Sudan and South Sudan.


  1. Aim of Document and Intent of RFP

This document sets out MTN’s high level requirements with regards to the provision of pure Electric Vehicles (Not Hybrid) on the lease basis.

The intent of this RFP is to select the vendor for the provision of Vehicles. During this RFP process, suppliers will be requested to make power point presentation to support and elaborate their RFP proposed solution.


  1. Acknowledgement and Preliminary Non-Disclosure Agreement

Please email and to request for non-disclosure agreement for completion and acknowledgement and return it on 31st May 2022 at 17h00 (local time)

  1. Queries and Submissions

All queries related to this document should be addressed via email to Theonest Mugabe at no later than 14h30 (local time) on 31st May 2022

  1. RFP Response Presentations and Demonstrations

RFP Respondents may be invited to present their response to MTN RWANDACELL between 6th June 2022 and 7th June 2022. The purpose of this presentation will be to seek clarification of information contained within the response to further explore issues raised or to further meet the goals of the RFP.

  1. Terms of Reference

MTN Rwandacell Limited would like to lease different types of vehicles with the following specifications:


Brand new pure EV Pick up double cabin, Original Left-Hand Drive, Manufacture year 2021 and above.
Brand new pure EV SUV/small Jeep, Original Left-Hand Drive, Manufacture year 2021 and above.
Brand new medium pure Jeep, Original Left-Hand Drive, Manufacture year 2021 and above.
Brand new pure EV saloon vehicle, Original Left-Hand Drive, Manufacture year 2021 and above.
Related fast power chargers with 0.5h (380v) 20%-70%@25 degrees. Full battery to cover at least 400Km.


NOTE: Please provide delivery period (ETA) of each Category of the proposed Vehicles


  1. Terms

The Supplier (Lessor) should comply with the following terms:

  • To supply original brand-new vehicles as per the above table (table 1) to lease over 48 (Forty-Eight) months. The vehicle remains the Lessor’s property after the Leasing period
  • Payment to be done on monthly basis and in Rwandan Francs fixed for the period of the contract.
  • To deliver vehicles within 15 days from the Order date. However, if the delivery period is justified to be long, a replacement may be accepted but it shouldn’t exceed 60 days before a new one is delivered.
  • To fully service and maintain the vehicles for four years
  • To service vehicles as per manufacturer guidelines.
  • To maintain and replace worn out or damaged tyres (tubeless) every time it is needed.
  • To fit 235/70R16 or 245/70R16 tyres on double cabins for every tyre replacement
  • To Service and maintain vehicles operating from upcountry on every request (exception made for general service where vehicles come to Kigali)
  • To support breakdown truck costs when the mechanical condition of the vehicle doesn’t allow it to be driven
  • To avail vehicle’s replacement of the same range in case the vehicle is in the garage for service and maintenance for a period equivalent to Two days, and a period of Three days in case of accident
  • To have a comprehensive insurance (without excess charges or Lessor to support them)
  • To have an insurance of Six staff on pick-ups (for freelancers on request)
  • To process all declarations in case of accident until a go ahead for repair from the insurer is availed (MTN’s responsibility is limited to declare the accident to the Lessor and conduct the police statement)
  • To allow vehicles to operate within all provinces of the Republic of Rwanda
  • To allow on special occasions to travel with vehicles out of the country and facilitate getting appropriate insurance
  • To equip vehicles with Fleet Management System e.g. (E-Drive Technology/EDT, worldfleetlog) and any suitable one.
  • To provide a vehicle ready with MTN branded (artwork to be provided).
  • To have own or partner with a recognised fully fledged garage

Note: After the bid submission, a visit will be done to assess the Garage capacity

  1. Documents to submit

The bidder should submit the following documents:

  • Bid submission form
  • Price schedules filled in the table 1
  • Trading License copy
  • Social Security certificate
  • The tax clearance certificate
  • The company should have experience in vehicle leasing business for a minimum period of 3 years in Rwanda


  1. Evaluation criteria



Description Marks
Presentation/Availability of all tender documents 5
Past Experience in Operating/Finance Lease in Rwanda 10
Company profile and experience of working/coordination at remote sites, rural areas (provide completion certification from clients) 10
Financial Strength of the company (Certified Balance Sheet and Income Statement) 10
Capabilities to service and maintain vehicles 10
Economic Fuel consumption as per vehicle manual 15
Payment terms and other commercial terms 15
Competitive price 25
Total 100



  1. General contract

The successful bidder shall sign an open lease agreement with general conditions. Upon presentation of the need to lease by the Lessee, MTN Rwanda cell will always generate a Purchase Order and a ‘Schedule” signed by both parties which shall form part of the contract upon delivery. Each vehicle shall have its own schedule.


  1. Submission date and communication channels

Detailed commercial quotation and other docs will be submitted through E-mail not later than 3rd June 2022 at 5pm. No Submission will be accepted after this time.

A visit of the company and the garage may be organized prior to the valuation.

All inquiries should be sent to, and