FAQs for MTN Home Broadband Internet

 What do you mean by Home Broadband Internet? It is a fixed internet solution with high-speed unlimited connectivity.
 Is the service over GSM/GPRS? No, it is delivered over fixed mediums such as P2P(Point-to-
Point), P2MP(Point-to-MultiPoint) and Fiber
 Are there data limits? No, it is Unlimited Usage.
 What does ‘unlimited broadband’ mean? Means you will have no limit on usage ex: you can download and upload any amount of data for as long as you wish.
 What are my speed options? Available on Artwork (5mbps,10mbps,15mbps and 25mbps.
any installation cost? Yes, rwf 50,000.
 Does MTN provide the Router? Yes, at a cost of Rwf 45,000.
 What happens when there is a problem with my Internet connection? MTN has a 24/7 support line for our clientele 0788312473
 How Easy is it to share my Internet connection? With the installation over Broadband router a wireless reception is instant at your home for the users either on Computers or Phones and tablets to free connect.
 How long does it take to have the connection? Within 2days (Kigali) and 4days (Upcountry)
 How are payments for the service made? This is through MTN Bank accounts or through MOMO PAY at the MTN service centre.
 Is there a contract? Yes
 How can I get connected? Contact our sales team on a tollfree line 3111 or email: Sales.RW@mtn.com.

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