FAQs for MTN Hybrid Data

Q: What is MTN Hybrid Data?

A: Hybrid data is a Postpaid data service on prepaid lines. Companies can buy internet for their employees on their prepaid lines and pay later

Q: how many packages for MTN Hybrid Data Bundle are available and what is the cost per Package?

A: There are different packages ranging from 100mb per day to unlimited. For more info call 3111 or email on sales.rw@mtn.com

Q: who will be able to subscribe to MTN Hybrid Data bundle?

A: All corporate companies. Small and Large Enterprises

Q: can a customer subscribe to other packages e.g: while having MTN Hybrid Data?

A: Yes, customer has flexibility to purchase normal prepaid bundles once daily cap is reached before the day ends.

Q: what is the validity period for MTN Hybrid Bundle?

A: It is a monthly subscription That is daily capped

Q: what are the terms and conditions?

A: fill the contract, Letter, and share the RDB certificate

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Q: Will company need to buy other lines for the employees specifically for this service?

A: Company may choose to buy other lines or let the employees remain with their normal prepaid simcards

Q: How can one check if hybrid data has been activated?

A: Dial *345#

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