Dial *140#, * language of your choice, followed by the pack of your preference.

Business Rules

  • This service is only available to prepaid customers
  • Each voice bundle will be depleted on per-second basis.
  • The packs will be configured as shown in the table above and the amounts will be deducted from the Main Account
  • The SMS are only available for ON-NET usage (MTN-MTN)
  • The packs will expire as shown in the table above.
  • If a customer activates a new pack yet there is an existing one that is still active, the minutes will be added to the current one he has, but it won’t change the expiration period
  • If a customer’s call is still on and minutes get exhausted during the call, the call will be disconnected. When the customer makes another call, it will be charged from their Main Account
  • The system will indicate the expiration time upon activation based on the activation time.
  • Customer dials *140# and * option “6” to check the balance of the Supa pack left.
  • All packs expire after 24 hours from the time of activation apart from
  • MTN-MTN: 1000,1500, 5,000 (7 days)
  • MTN-International: 2000 (7 days)
  • MTN-International: (30 days)

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