From England to Bangladesh (and hundreds of countries in between), you’ll always be able to keep in touch by using your Rwandan phone number with International Roaming.

How to Activate

Before you go, you must activate International Roaming on your phone. Activating entails visiting an MTN Center or authorized dealer to sign a contract with MTN and paying a deposit. For MTN PostPaid customers, International Roaming can be activated with a deposit of 250,000 RWF.

How to Use

With International Roaming activated, you may use your phone as if you never left Rwanda. When you reach your destination, simply switch on your mobile and within a few minutes, you will see that you have signal strength and access to a network.

Note: Don’t forget to bring your charger and a power adapter to keep your battery charged while travelling!

What is the Cost

Call rates through international roaming vary widely based on what network you connect to.

What are the Benefits

  • Rwandan friends and family members can call you at the low, in-country rates (although you will be charged for receiving calls while roaming).
  • Keep your Rwandan number everywhere you go!
  • Check your voicemail or message inbox periodically while away

MTN Roaming footprints, List of countries with available services Click here

Customer support

Hotlines: +250 788312468  / +250 788312473

Group Email : roaming2.RW@mtn.com

WhatsApp Number  : +250 788310456

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