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MTN CSI under the pillar of Economic empowerment and Education, has organized an initiative meant to address specific challenges in the society of Rwanda by developing digital channels and empowering best submitted projects through awards and commercialized revenue share basis. The application is open to all current students in TVET schools across the country .
Since 2012, MTN pays school fees to 100 disadvantaged students with highest grades in National exams.  MTN also pays school fees to children of disabled ex-combatants in partnership with Rwanda Demobilization and Reintegration Commission (RDRC).
Through different CSI functions, MTN every year involve its employees from 1st – 21st of June to volunteer in social initiatives across the country where we operate.
MTN Rwanda through its CSI programmes has played an active role in supporting Rwanda’s priorities in closing the digital divide. Digitalization in education has significant potential to increase equality of access and use of education materials. Under this programme, MTN partners with IHS Rwanda to facilitate the infrastructure of computer labs in TVET Schools across Rwanda.

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