MTN Rwanda is looking for Synchronization solution for its network. The current Synchronization is end of support and is no longer relevant to the current design and topology which could result into poor performance.
The proposed solution hardware should support Frequency, time, and Phase synchronization to not swap hardware instead buy features licenses.
The sync solution must support 5G requirements for time sync and latest ITU sync profiles.

Feature Description
• 1588v2 PTP grandmaster clock
• 1588v2 PTP boundary clock
• G.8273.2 boundary clock class D
• 1588v2 APTS clock and 1588v2 PTP slave clock
• NTP server
• Synchronization protocol and physical signal conversion
• Sync probe monitoring and assurance
• PTP profiles support:
• ITU-T G.8265.1 frequency delivery profile
• ITU-T G.8275.1 time/phase delivery profile
• ITU-T G.8275.2 time/phase delivery profile (APTS)
• PTP enterprise profile (Mixed multicast and unicast over IPv4/IPv6)
• IEEE 1588 2008 PTP default profile over IPv4/IPv6 multicast
• IEEE 1588 2008 PTP default profile over Ethernet multicast
• two-step clock
• Up to 16 VLANs
• Support for multiple profiles simultaneously
• Support for PTP IPv4/IPv6 on the same port
• Support PTP (TAI) and arbitrary (ARB) timescales
• Support master and slave on any port simultaneously
• Supported protocols: ICMP, NTPv4, IPv4, DHCP, SFTP, FTP,
• DoS protection
• NTP peering
• Accuracy within 100ns from UTC
• Up to 16 NTP server IP addresses
• Support PTP and NTP on same Ethernet port
• PTP to NTP translation
• NTP statistics and client lists
• Up to 8000 transactions per second (NTP)
• PTP backup in case of GNSS outage
• SyncE over Ethernet interfaces
• Minimum of 2* BITS-in and 2* BITS-out (2.048MHz E1 )
• Minimum of 2* ToD and PPS
• Minimum of 2* CLK 10MHz
• Antenna input for embedded GNSS receiver

Ethernet ports
• Hardware-based timestamping (PTP & NTP)
• Minimum of 2* 100/1000BaseT (copper and optical), user configurable
• All fiber ports support SM/MM colore and non-colored SFP

Below is the scope for this project
• Current Network synchronization analysis
• Synchronization solution
• Hardware delivery
• Installation, commissioning, and testing
• Acceptance
• Training and support

The IPRAN (IP MPLS) is going to be modernized to SRV6 (segment routing IPV6) and the proposed solution should consider this modernization.
Proposal submission deadline is on 29th March 2022. Please address all your inquiries (if any) to the below emails. The submission should also be done through same emails:

Please note: This tender notice is restricted to the potential local vendors who are registered in Rwanda. Proposals from outside Rwanda shall not be considered.