MTN Rwanda Shop in Shop RFP

MTN Rwanda is looking for an experienced Device Shop in Shop partner,

This Request for Proposal (“RFP”) outlines the requirements of MTN Rwandacell PLC and the process to be followed by suppliers in submitting a response to the Devices Shop in Shop.

At this stage this RFP only covers MTN Rwandacell PLC, but vendors should have ability to expend to deploy same or similar solution in other markets.


High level expectations of the vendor

Forecasting & Demand Management including the following but not limited to

    1. Forecasting tools, up to date systems and expertise:
    2. Forecasting methodology that includes the generation of a consensus forecast
    3. Management of KPIs for Inventories and tracking.
    4. Recommend and devise strategies for slow moving stock
    5. Timely action reports and ordering with latest forecast, building in vendor lead times and safety stock policies
    6. Device demand equation and fitting techniques
    7. Turnaround Times
    8. First To Market
    9. Compliance to SLAs & KPIs

Information Requested:

Key strategic overall consideration to drive commercials

  1. MTN RWANDA will not purchase or own any device.
  2. Vendor will be required to manage MTN Devices in Services Centres and warehouse(s)
  3. Vendor Suggested Ordering (VSO) will form the basis for connect stores, trade partner and data partner device purchases.
  4. Vendor will share profit margin with the company on all devices and must maintain competitive market RRP.
  5. Essential and very significant required service will be the deployment of an ERP/application for monitoring and tracking sales, inventory management (for MTN partners) and, warranty and product availability.
  6. Achievement of 2022/23 smartphone penetration targets to increase data usage as per Group data strategic objective
  7. The vendor shall provide technical support personnel for devices issued in all our service centres, Connect and MTN partners’ stores.
  8. Vendor shall provide proof as an authorised reseller of the respective brand of devices from OEM or ODM including MTN devic
  9. Ability to keep latest device models in stores
  10. Financially established
  11. Vendor will need to be purchasing MTN branded devices from the MTN Group approved portfolio and reaching the yearly set target.
  12. Vendor should be able to provide better device display experience and device value-added services varieties

Scope of work requirement


2.Device intelligence for MTN partner

    • Global price benchmarking
    • Procurement
    • Competitive RRP
  1. New product introduction
    • New product introduction (NPI) management
    • Device testing
  1. Supply chain planning and operations
    • Forecasting
    • Device ranging
    • Inventory management
    • Warehousing
    • ERP/Application
    • Logistics (Inbound/Outbound)
    • Incentives framework, Campaigns, and promotions for MTN partners
  1. Device lifecycle management
    • Product lifecycle management
    • Product performance review
    • Market intelligence
  1. Channel Operations
    • Store merchandising
    • Order management
    • Dealer support
  1. Reverse logistics and After sales
    • Repair services
    • OEM warranty & claims management
  1. Performance Management (KPIs)
    • Sales Targets
    • Customer Experience
  1. Roll Out Plan

MTN will require an aggressive full roll out plan in all MTN Service centres and Connect shops.

10. Timelines and expectations

This project is expected to immediately rollout in all shops by 17th June 2022 and therefore an aggressive implementation plan is expected from the selected vendor(s).

Bid Submission

Respondents are also requested to provide comprehensive information on the following:

    • Company profile/proposed team
    • Experience and Case studies of similar deployment somewhere else
    • Compliance to List of Devices (peripherals) requirement and suggest any others with reasons to support
    • General requirements
    • Retail requirements
    • Customer Care Requirements
    • IT Requirements
    • Technical, Network Requirements
    • Business Requirements
    • Industry and Geographic track record
    • Specialisation
    • Risk
    • Commercial Proposal

Queries and Submissions

All queries related to this document should be addressed via email to Rwanyonga Mathias at and Mugabe Theonest at  using the questions and clarifications excel template no later than 17h30 (local time) on 6th May 2022

For further information, please review the RFP for device shop in shop, feel and submit the non-disclosure agreement and seek for further clarities through excel template.

MTN Rwanda Shop in Shop Concept RFP

MTN Rwanda Shop in Shop Concept RFP



  1. Acknowledgment and Preliminary non-disclosure agreement sign-off is expected not later than 29th April 2022
  2. Raising questions and Seeking clarifications in the excel template are expected not later than 6th May 2022
  3. Presentations and demonstrations for selected vendors will take place on the 12th  May 2022