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MTN Rwanda Partners With Siyavula To Introduce #1MillionMaths School Competition Via ayoba App

MTN Rwanda has announced that is has partnered with Siyavula to bring the #1MillionMaths Competition to all S1-S4 high school students.

Students can register and participate in the month-long #1MillionMaths competition through ayoba. Ayoba, the African messaging app, can be downloaded at Participants will receive, on daily basis,  maths competition questions as posts in the #1MillionMaths channel within ayoba.

Students can also participate directly by going to, signing up & opting in, and selecting questions to practice.

Speaking about the partnership, Desire Ruhinguka, MTN’s Marketing Operations Senior Manager said, “The Covid-19 pandemic has had a severe impact on students. With this partnership, we expect students to harness the power of these digital platforms to maintain and improve their learning,” 

Students earn points when they complete questions and master topics and compete for a position on the national leader board on the Siyavula website. Students who complete set questions will be rewarded with daily prizes such as airtime, data and vouchers every day in October. At the end of October, the top 3 positions on the leader boards for S1-S4 will each win a smartphone or laptop.

Dr Mark Horner, a nuclear physicist and CEO of Siyavula explains that “Siyavula’s online learning service delivers Maths & Science questions to secondary school students on their phones, automatically marks their answers and generates regular reports for them. The #1MillionMaths competition is a great way for students to improve their mastery in mathematics while having fun, competing and standing a chance to win exciting prizes.”


About MTN Rwanda

MTN Rwanda is the market leader in the mobile telecommunications industry in Rwanda. Since 1998, MTN Rwanda has continuously invested in expanding and modernizing its network and is now proudly Rwanda’s No 1 Internet Network. MTN Rwanda offers superior services to its subscriber base, including innovative propositions such as personalized voice and data offers with MTN Irekure. The company is also the front runner in Mobile Financial Services in Rwanda with Mobile Money, MoMoPay and MoKash Loans and Savings.

About Siyavula

In 2002, Siyavula began as a volunteer project in South Africa, led by physicist Dr Mark Horner, to produce Grade 10-12 math, physics, and chemistry textbooks that teachers and students could freely print or share digitally. In 2007, we received funding from the Shuttleworth Foundation, which allowed us to produce additional content for Grades 4-9. With help from the Shuttleworth Foundation and PSG Group Ltd, we moved into the digital world in 2012, and began building an integrated learning experience for Mathematics and Physical Sciences in South Africa. We believe that the value and impact of Mathematics, Physics, and Chemistry extends far beyond the classroom. Critical and analytical thinking, creativity and exploration, problem – solving and collaboration are the skills needed for innovation, growth, and change. Further, we believe that all children should have access to resources and support to achieve their goals, and that the inequalities in Africa’s education systems can be reduced by leveraging affordable and innovative technology. Siyavula Practice, built by scientists, educational experts, and teachers, aims to make high-quality education accessible to all students.

Siyavula’s online Mathematics and Physical Sciences practice platform was initially built for high school students in South Africa. Over the past two years, we have aligned our content to curriculums that make our product relevant to other countries on the African continent. Our platform can be accessed by students, anywhere, anytime, and on any device. Even students with old feature phones can access Siyavula Practice and read our online textbooks.

For more information, please contact: 

MTN PR Desk 

Teta Mpyisi  

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