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MTN Rwanda partners with Ministry of Health

MTN Rwanda partners with Ministry of Health on ‘One More Push’ Campaign to reinforce the importance of regular mask-wearing.

July 9th, 2021

MTN Rwandacell (MTN Rwanda), in partnership with the Ministry of Health, today launched a campaign dubbed “One More Push” with the objective to reinforce awareness around the importance of properly wearing face masks as a way of curbing the spread of Covid19 pandemic.
The campaign will also encourage the public to adhere to all COVID-19
preventive measures, as guided by the Ministry of Health.

Mitwa Ng’ambi, MTN Rwanda Chief Executive Officer during the virtual launch event commented “Around the world, the fight against COVID-19 wages on and our only defence is strict adherence to the COVID-19 preventive measures as guided by our Ministry of Health. As MTN Rwanda, we thank the Ministry and all stakeholders for their efforts in the fight against COVID-19. We would also like to lend our voice once again, in support of these ongoing efforts to reemphasize the importance of wearing masks correctly and safely, as well as the need to adhere to all other preventive measures.”
In addition, MTN Rwanda announced a contribution of 20,000 face masks and 500 Oxygen saturation monitors as further support towards the ongoing public health needs. MTN Rwanda has also taken a step further to support 40 SMEs that are running e-commerce businesses by zero-rating access to their websites for MTN customers and granting them 3 months-FREE access to MoMo Biz (a digital platform that enables businesses to easily conduct end-to-end MoMo transactions).
Dr. Albert Tuyishime, Head of HIV/AIDS, Diseases Prevention and Control, Department (HDPC) Rwanda Biomedical Center in attendance of the virtual
event said “We are pleased to receive MTN Rwanda’s contributions. This initiative also stands as a plea to the general public to wear their masks properly in order to flatten the curve. COVID-19 has been proved to be transmissible through the air especially in confined areas, crowed and close-setting places. Currently, we are dealing with a more aggressive strain of the virus (looking at the clinical symptoms, severity and transmission rate), therefore by wearing that mask in the proper way, you save your life, the lives of your loved ones and your community at large. We can only truly defeat this pandemic by our combined efforts.”

Furthermore, MTN Rwanda will be offering its communication channels to the Ministry of Health and Rwanda Biomedical Centre (RBC) to disseminate
important messages to the public on COVID-19 preventive measures.
“Partnering with MTN to communicate our messages will provide the extra push we need to broadcast the essence of not letting our guard down, we haven’t beaten COVID-19 just yet,” added Dr. Tuyishime.

The One More Push campaign will run for four (4) months and will be present on radio, TV, outdoor and digital media channels.
“The ‘One More Push’ campaign is a call-to action for all of us. What might seem as a slight change in behaviour by wearing masks properly, social distancing and washing hands regularly, is the daily inch needed to take us a step closer to winning this battle against COVID-19,” concluded Ng’ambi.


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