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MTN Rwanda Opens Voice Bundles Across All Networks With “Idagadure”

MTN Rwanda has announced that it has indefinitely extended its offer of having its voice bundles to call all mobile networks in Rwanda at no additional cost. This will apply to Daily, Weekly and Monthly voice bundles.

MTN Rwanda kicked off the year with a campaign called “Big Tings Happen”, as its commitment to deliver excellence to the company’s 6 million customers. Through this campaign, the company was set to launch a series of innovative and fresh initiatives to make it easier for customers to get things done while creating value and personalised experiences that meet each customer’s unique preferences. 

Speaking about how “Idagadure” lives up to this commitment, MTN’s Marketing Operations Senior Manager, Desire Ruhinguka said, “We are glad to announce that all our voice bundles are now open for all customers to call MTN numbers as well as numbers on other networks at no extra cost. Whether a customer enjoys our Irekure, Prestige or Yolo voice bundles – this will be available to them. This is now a permanent feature within all our voice bundles.” 

The opening of all voice bundles by MTN is the first in the market, as traditionally voice minutes were only limited to call numbers within the MTN network. This move is aimed at giving customers even more value for their calling needs as they will no longer need to switch SIM cards when they want to call friends & family that are on other networks.

To access MTN Voice Bundles, MTN customers can dial *140# for Irekure, *165# for Prestige and *154# for Yolo. 

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