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MTN Rwanda Introduces Microcredit Service to Agents

As part of its ambition to build a truly digital ecosystem, MTN Rwanda has today announced that it has introduced a Microcredit facility to its agents selling Airtime in the channel.

The objective of this service is to allow convenience and easy access to Airtime stock for electronic recharge to MTN resellers, while supporting and giving additional value to the agents’ point of sale.

Speaking about this partnership with Seamless Distribution Systems AB (SDS), MTN Rwanda’s Chief Sales & Distribution Officer, Norman Munyampundu said, “This service will be very useful when resellers in the trade run out of stock or have insufficient balance to complete a recharge transaction. This borrowed credit is automatically recovered upon the next stock purchase by the reseller.”

This service is expected to increase active electronic airtime resellers at a time when business recovery and stability is key. 

MTN Rwanda has also enhanced its Electronic Recharge Services (ERS) platform that will see MTN Agents self-serve by replenishing their Airtime Stock accounts via MoMo. Agents will no longer have to wait for motorists to physically deliver stock to them, the process is now fully digital.

“The Reseller Microcredit and Airtime stock replenishment via MoMo are two solutions that we are introducing in the trade as a continuation of our channel digitization initiatives. Our commitment is to the customer first and we believe this will positively impact their experience,” added Munyampundu.

In February 2020, MTN made a crucial milestone in its path to digitalisation by phasing out the use of physical airtime vouchers in the channel in favour of a fully digital solution.

MTN Rwanda CEO, Mitwa Ng’ambi, said, “We are thrilled to announce that 100% of MTN Airtime sold in the market is now done digitally. With the expansion of our agent network coupled with the improved airtime replenishment service, we are confident that this will position us to effectively drive our ambition of Leading Digital for a Brighter Rwanda.” 


About MTN Rwanda 

MTN Rwanda is the market leader in the mobile telecommunications industry in Rwanda. Since 1998, MTN Rwanda has continuously invested in expanding and modernizing its network and is now proudly Rwanda’s No 1 Internet Network. MTN Rwanda offers superior services to its subscriber base, including innovative propositions such as personalized voice and data offers with MTN Irekure. The company is also the front runner in Mobile Financial Services in Rwanda with Mobile Money, MoMoPay and MoKash Loans and Savings.

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