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MTN 8180 Premium SMS Pack

Premium SMS pack service helps to keep good relationship by improving all aspects of our life, strengthening our health, our mind, and our connections with others through its easy-going Tips. These tips can help to keep a smart mind. Fitness and Health tips help you to be physically fit and strong and beautiful. Dating and Romantic tips to keep the relationship strong. Laugh relieves physical tension and stress. Skin pack help to keep us glowing and beautiful. Guidance on the career path tells you about the type of job skills in demand and what can you do to acquire those skills.

8180 Premium SMS Pack categories:

  • Dating Tips
  • Health N Fitness
  • Personality Development
  • Joke Pack
  • Football Facts
  • Skin Pack
  • Romantic Tips

How to subscribe / unsubscribe from the 8180 Premium SMS service?

User sends sub <Keyword> to 8180, then a message will be sent to user

1.           For monthly pack

2.           For weekly pack

3.           For daily pack

4.           For Unsubcription

When a user replies with 1/2/3/4 then above actions happens. Customer will start getting the daily content by SMS.

Customer will renew daily automatically, till s/he deactivates the service.



Terms and conditions

  1. Premium SMS Pack will be open to all MTN customers.
  2. Customers will be able to subscribe to the service using their extra time account.
  3. Customers will not be able to subscribe to the service using any FREE wallets i.e. Rewards talk time, SMSs bundles or Rewards SMSs.
  4. Customer’s subscription will automatically renew upon expiration.
  5. Customers would only be able to access content on SMS.
  6. MTN Rwanda will not be held liable for the content users get on the service.


  1. What is 8180 Premium SMS Pack about?

These packs are a service that helps you out by providing easy tips to develop your Career with Career Tips from experts, Tips about Health n Fitness to improve your health, English Learning to enhance your English skills, Corporate Habits to aware you on good corporate habits and Football facts about your favourite sport. Service is a combination of packs with a diversity of subjects.

  • How can I subscribe to any of the Premium SMS service packs?

To subscribe to any of the 8180 Premium SMS Packs, you just need to TEXT SUB <Pack Keyword> to 8180.

  • What would be the charges to subscribe to any of the MTN SMS daily alert packs?
  • Subscription based charging

                      Daily Pack: RWF 25

                      Weekly Pack: RWF 175

                      Monthly Pack: RWF 350

  • On demand subscription

This service is available at 15rwf per on demand content

  • Is there any charge for the SMS sent to subscribe /unsubscribe the packs?

Any subscription/Unsubscription SMS with SUB/UNSUB <keyword> sent to 8180 is Toll free.

  • Can a user subscribe to multiple packs at a time?

   Send Help to 8180, then you will receive keywords to subscribe at multiple packs.

  •  How to unsubscribe from the service

To unsubscribe from any pack, you can simply TEXT STOP/UNSUB <Pack Keyword> to 8180 (Toll free) or to unsubscribe from all packs, you can send SUB to 8180, then you will receive below message:

1.         For monthly pack

2.         For weekly pack

3.         For daily pack

4.         For Unsubcription: Reply with 4.

  • Contact in case of Complaints or Inquiries


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