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MTN is a leading telecommunication company offering voice, data communications, and mobile money products and services to individuals and businesses. While operating in a vibrant environment with a roadmap to becoming a technology company, it’s imperative to build and maintain a positive reputation and trust among stakeholders by ensuring the management of legal risk while meeting our customers’ expectations.

MTN Rwanda is seeking a reputable law firm that will deliver on the above legal risk management mission to mitigate any situations or crises that could hinder our reputation and trust.

MTN Rwanda invites submissions to tender for the Company’s legal services according to the scope of work detailed below.


Litigation management and other legal services:

  • Handle, until completion, any litigation matters or disputes by or against the Client that will be submitted to the Firm for legal advice, analysis, and action through representation before all administrative entities, Courts of Law, decision-making organs, Arbitration Centres, and Law Enforcement Agencies, where necessary.
  • Provide debt collection services where the Client’s internal process has not resulted in the successful collection of the debt or where the matter requires direct legal intervention.
  • Follow up on criminal matters involving the Client, its staff, and/or agents through coordination with the Rwanda Investigation Bureau, Rwanda National Police, and or National Public Prosecution Authority on behalf of the Client.
  • Drafting and providing legal opinions and/or any legal assistance at the request of the Client.
  • Providing oral opinions to the Client within the shortest possible timeline and where reasonably practicable, within Twenty-Four (24) hours of request of the same. The Client may further request for any opinions provided orally under this section to be provided in a detailed form as a written legal opinion. Advising the Client promptly on any other matters likely to have an adverse effect on the Client’s business. Such advice may include resolving disputes out of court and providing any other sound and reasonable advice on any legal issue facing the Client.
  • Preparing, reviewing, notarizing, and filing with relevant authorities/institutions any and all legal documents required by the Client for various transactions whether commercial, financial, governance-related, regulator mandated, or otherwise that affect the business or corporate status of the Client.


  • Provide in-house counsel training in the Firm’s areas of expertise and bespoke training to the Client in general.
  • Provide when possible and when expertise available non-lawyer expertise and/or training in the regulatory sphere, banking and financing, stock markets, and sureties and investments in relation to the Client’s business.

Access to legal documentation/Laws:

  • Providing the Client with access to legal journals it has access to, jurisprudence, and/or case laws affecting the telecommunication industry.
  • Providing the Client with official gazettes and/or updates on the laws and regulations affecting the telecommunication and/or Digital Finance industry.
  • Add the Client (specific members of the in-house legal team) to the Firm’s mailing lists (mainly the TMT) so that they can automatically receive any articles from the Firm in the specific areas of interest.

Notary services:

  • Witnessing signatures.
  • Authenticating documents which are for domestic and/or international purposes.
  • Taking a witness’s statement for official use.
  • Certifying the correctness of a document allows it to be taken as a true copy of the original document.

Document management: Maintaining all documents related to the Client’s court proceedings, settlement proceedings, and all legal matters it advises the Client on in a safe manner and so that all documents are easily retrievable when required.


  • For all the cases that will be submitted to it, prepare, and submit, in writing, a clear and detailed monthly report indicating, amongst other information, the status of each case and relevant court dates. Submission of the monthly report shall be a requirement for receipt of the monthly retainer fee and the Client shall be entitled to withhold payment of the retainer fee until the monthly report has been received by the Client.
  • Provide bi-monthly feedback on the status of pending cases and issues through.
  • Be available for monthly meetings with the Client to give updates on pending matters and to review the quality of the services being provided.
  • Providing high-caliber legal services in a professional, ethical, and timely manner with the aim of attaining and maintaining a high success rate with cases involving MTN and providing advice that shall prevent issues from reaching the stage of legal proceedings.

This tender process is an opportunity for MTN Rwanda to enhance its Legal and Regulatory approach to matters affecting the telecommunication and Digital Finance (Fintech) industry. We encourage you to be creative and bold in your approach to this process.

It’s important that our legal partners are as passionate about our mission to lead digital for Rwanda’s progress.

Please submit your proposal to this email, by Wednesday, 21st June, no later than 5pm.

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