SIM Card Registration and SIM Swap process to be enhanced from 1st September 2021

MTN Rwandacell Plc (MTN Rwanda) today issued notice to its customers that as per directives from the Rwanda Utilities Regulatory Authority (RURA), effective 1 September 2021, all Telecom Operators will be implementing new requirements for SIM Registration and SIM swapping.

In a bid to heighten SIM card security, registering or swapping SIM cards will only be conducted at MTN service centers, connect shops, authorized agent shops, and MTN street kiosks. Customers will no longer be able to register their SIM cards or swap SIM cards via MTN street agents. Details on the available locations for SIM card registration and SIM swap will be communicated to customers through a communication campaign ahead of the implementation date of 1 September 2021.

The enhanced process will also require customers registering SIM cards and requesting for SIM swaps to have their picture taken in-store, in addition to presenting their ID document (national ID, foreign ID and refugee ID) or passport. The requirement to capture customers’ pictures will introduce an additional layer of identification validation to ensure SIM cards are being registered under the correct IDs and that any requested swaps are being done by the valid owner of the SIM card.

We are committed to making this transition to our service centres, connect shops, authorized agent shops and MTN street kiosks countrywide, seamless and we will be opening more stores in the near future to ensure the process of registering or swapping SIM cards is convenient for our customers,” stated Norman Munyampundu MTN Rwanda’s Chief Sales and Distribution Officer.

In addition to announcing the additional steps to the SIM registration and swap process, MTN Rwanda also reminded their customers on how they can deactivate any SIM card registered with their identification document/passport. This is done by dialing *125# and following the prompts.

This new process enhances security around SIM cards to curb incidents of SIM-related fraud and provides our customers with confidence that no activity will occur in relation to their SIM cards without multiple layers of identification validation,” added Munyampundu.

These new requirements under the SIM registration and SIM swap processes form the initial stage of tightening SIM card security, with plans for additional security requirements to follow.

Summarizing, Munyampundu highlighted that “In a time where one’s SIM Card is no longer used for only basic communication but to access financial services as well, ensuring additional security around customers’ identity, with regards to registration and use of their SIM cards, is paramount. We are aligned with the guidance from the Regulatory Authority and together with the cooperation of our customers, we will keep SIM security at the forefront of our operations.”

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