Riaan Wessels is a Group Executive, Risk and Compliance at MTN Group Limited. His previous
roles include Vice President for Enterprise Risk Management at Etisalat Group UAE and
Director of Risk Consulting at KPMG UAE.

He is a governance, risk and compliance professional with over 20 years experience in
implementing complex programs at multinational companies in the technology and
telecommunications industries.

He has vast experience in leading large risk management, compliance and internal audit teams
across operating environments such as the Middle East and Africa. This also includes
implementing risk management programs to assist companies to better understand and manage
their key strategic and operational risks in line with international best practice standards such as
COSO ERM and ISO31000.

Riaan currently serves on the Boards of Areeba Guinea S.A (MTN Guinea Conakry) as
Chairman of the board and MTN Cote d’Ivoire SA.

He holds a Bachelor of Accounting Science (B Compt) (Hons) from the University of the Free-
State, an honors degree with majors in accounting, auditing and tax, a Post Graduate Diploma
in advanced accounting, auditing and tax, a Certificate in the Theory of Accounting and a Post
Graduate Advanced Diploma in Banking.

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