Want a new phone? Trade in your old one and get another.

MTN exisiting customers can bring their old phones, whether basic or smartphone upgrade to a new one.

How it works

With MTN Device Trade-in (NI DILU), existing MTN customers can upgrade their old devices (Basic phones, Feature phones or Smartphones) to new Smartphones without any other condition related to buying voice or data services.

Interested customers will be able to get their old devices graded, valued, and receive an instant voucher. Upon agreeing with the valuation, the customer will then choose any Smartphone in an MTN shop and get a discount that is equivalent to the issued voucher.

Trade-in Options

Buy new device, trade in your current one

For easier trade in, bring your phone to any MTN shop, for validation and get a new phone instantly.

Online device trade - In (NI DILU)

Download Vuba Vuba to get your device valued with an estimated price prior to physical check.

If you are a new MTN customer

After using MTN services for 30 days on the MTN network, you will be eligible to get an instant voucher .

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