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MTN has always offered you quality and reliable communication needs for your office. Your loyal use of MTN Personal or Business Solutions is now rewarded with MTN Prestige Club Membership. MTN Prestige Club membership provides you with access to exclusive offers from the over 80 MTN Prestige Partners in Rwanda, Priority access to MTN Call […]


Who Benefits? Around 1,000,000 MTN customers are offered MTN Prestige Club Membership. Each customer is given a scorecard related to their ranking in these two areas: Customers’ scorecards are re-evaluated every three months, with MTN Prestige Club access valid for 12 months of the coming year. What is the Cost There is no cost to become an MTN Prestige […]

What is MTN Prestige Club?

MTN Prestige Club is a Loyalty scheme designed to recognize and reward MTN Premium customers, based on their cumulative spend within a 12-month spend cycle.

What does Spend mean?

Spend refers to the amount of monthly or cumulative recharges a customer uses on the MTN network. The MTN Prestige Club is for customers who:

How do I qualify to be an MTN Prestige Club member?

Qualification into the MTN Prestige Club is a customer that consistently spends up to a minimum of Frw 5,000 monthly and a cumulative spend of up to Frw 120,000 for a 12-month period in their spend cycle. The eligible customers are classified into 5 Spend Bands:  Platinum, Gold, Silver, Bronze and Grey. These categories are […]

What are the benefits of being an MTN Prestige Club member?

Being an MTN Prestige Club member gives you benefits such as discounts from various MTN Prestige Partners, preferential treatment such as a Pass in MTN service centers and Call centers, prestigious access at the Airport lounge, and a lot more exciting and exclusive experiences. The Category of privileges received is dependent on your prestige tier […]