How do I leave/ opt-out from Izihirwe na MTN promo?

Dial 45625# and choose option 2 or send an SMS with the following keywords to 2325 English Kinyarwanda EXIT KUVAMO Exit Kuvamo exit kuvamo OUT GUSOHOKA Out Gusohoka out gusohoka QUIT KUREKA Quit Kureka quit kureka END GUSOZA End Gusoza Gusoza end gusoza After opting out, you become a non-Participant and you will no longer […]

How will customers know that they have won?

A customer that has been selected as a winner, will be called by an MTN staff memberwith 0784000000 who will inform them that they have won & guide them on how they will gettheir prize.

What are the different prizes?

Once you join the Izihirwe na MTN promotion, your collected points will be activated andyou will be eligible to enter random draws, standing a chance to win prizes listed below. Daily prizes Every day, apart from the days that the Weekly, Monthly and Grand prizes are givenaway, 20 daily winners are determined via a random […]

How do I collect points in Izihirwe na MTN promo?

Customers collect points by performing the actions listed below: All MTN Prepaid customers collect points by performing the actions listed above. To enterthe draws, a customer needs to activate those points by entering the promotion. Each pointequals to one participation in the draw. So, if a customer has 10 points then his has 10participations for […]

How do I enter Izihirwe na MTN promo?

Dial 45625# only once or send any keyword (e.g., YES, WIN, CELEBRATE, 25) to 2325short code. Opting in is totally free of charge. Upon entering the promotion your points are activated and you enter the draws.