Device Trade-In

With MTN Device Trade-in (NI DILU), existing MTN customers can upgrade their old devices (Basic phones, Feature phones or Smartphones) to new Smartphones without any other condition related to buying voice or data services.

Interested customers will be able to get their old devices graded, valued, and receive an instant voucher. Upon agreeing with the valuation, the customer will then choose any Smartphone in an MTN shop and get a discount that is equivalent to the issued voucher.

Device Trade-in Program FAQs

What is MTN Device Trade-in (NI DILU)

  1. What is MTN Device Trade-in (NI DILU)?

For existing MTN customers (Device + SIM Card) active on MTN network for at least 30 days,

MTN Device Trade-in (NI DILU) allows you to trade-in your old device and receive an instant voucher towards purchasing your new Smartphone from any MTN Service Centre.

For new MTN customers, you can register for a new SIM card from any nearest MTN Service Centre. After using it for 30 days with your device connected on the MTN network, you will be eligible to get an instant voucher for your old device toward purchasing your new Smartphone from any MTN Service Centre.

  • What type of devices are accepted in MTN Device Trade-in (NI DILU)?

You can trade-in below type of devices:

  • Basic phones
  • Feature phones
  • Smartphones

How to trade-in your device:

  1. What should I do before you trade-in your device?
    • Remove the memory card and the SIM Card
    • Perform a data back-up of the device
    • Only after you backed up the data and personal information, format the device to the original factory settings to protect your privacy
  2. What are the criteria of accepted device in the trade-in? 
    • Device must power up
    • Screen must not be damaged
    • Device must be intact
    • Device must have battery and cover
    • Device must not be blacklisted
    • IMEI on the device back panel must match IMEI on the screen
    • Able to make and receive a call
    • Device should be in proper working condition.

Note: Traded-in devices should not be locked to any network except MTN Rwanda

Where to trade-in your device:

  1. MTN Service Centre Device Trade-in (NI DILU):
  2. Get your device graded/valued for an instant voucher towards your new Smartphone purchased only in any MTN Service Centre
  3. If you are happy with the device trade-in (NI DILU) prices,
  4. Sign the device trade-in release and acceptance E-form
  5. Submit a copy of your National ID or Passport
  6. Choose your new Smartphone and pay the difference based on the instant voucher value of the old device for your new Smartphone.
  7. Request our data support team to transfer all your data from your old device to your new Smartphone
  • Online device trade-in (NI DILU):
  • Download Vuba Vuba app
  • Get your device valued with an estimated price prior physical check based on your responses
  • Confirm old device pickup, backup your data and erase your data on your old device
  •  Vuba Vuba rider will pick up your device for physical check in MTN Service Centre
  • Once the physical check is finalized, you will receive a notification with the final price of your traded-in device, asking you to choose a new Smartphone and to top up the difference using Mobile Money.
  • Your new Smartphone will be delivered on the same day and you will be asked to sign the device trade-in release and acceptance form.
  • Submit a copy of your National ID or Passport

Note: Vuba Vuba delivery footprints are limited in Kigali and Musanze for now.


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