With MTN Device financing (“MTN MACYE MACYE”), MTN customers will be enabled with flexibility to always have the latest mobile device “Smartphone or Tablet” to be repaid in installments on their mobile money and repayment varies based on the device of your choice.

MTN Customers can check their eligibility by dialing *182*12# and benefit for a 12-month installment plan bundled with Free Data, Voice and SMS offers. MTN customers will have the choice to get devices for their own or families through below plans:

  1. Personal Plan (Choose to repay one of your own Smartphone or Tablet)
  2. Family Plan (Choose to repay multiple Smartphone or Tablet for you and your family)
  3. Upgrade Plan (Choose to top cash or trade-in your old device)
  4. Corporate Plan (Choose to repay through your institution you work for)

Device Financing Program FAQs

  1. What is MTN device financing program work (“MACYE MACYE”)?

MTN Device financing program allows MTN customers to pay for their mobile devices (“Smartphone and Tablet”) over a period of 12 months.
MTN device financing require:

  •  Being on the MTN network for the past 12 months
  • Being an active MTN customer on MoMo, Data, Voice & SMS.
  • Having cleared Mokash(mobile money) loan.
  • Requires that you enter into an agreement to pay for the device plan in daily, weekly or monthly installments until the device is paid off.
  • You can pay the installments over the full period of the term or pay off the device’s total price any time. Through mobile money or bank account (Only for Corporate Plan)

You can choose from our range of devices “Smartphone or Tablets”:

  •  Tecno smartphones or tablets
  • Samsung smartphones or tablets
  • Mara phone smartphones
  • Infinix smartphones
  • Nokia smartphones
  • Itel smartphones
    For more information, visit

What is the maximum number of devices on MTN device financing agreements can I have on my account?

  • You can have one device financing agreement for your active line or more devices for your family members, as long as you do not go over your credit-scoring limit.

Are devices bought within MTN device financing covered with an insurance?

  • Yes, MTN device financing will cover device loss/stolen & screen replacement once in the repayment period and manufacture warranty is still applied.

For eligible MTN customers, you can get device financing services through below channels

Digital Channels

  • Visit Selfcare portal: to choose your preferred device“Smartphone or Tablet

Retail Stores:

MTN device financing is accessible across the country through:

  • All MTN Service center
  • All MTN Connect Shops
  • All VIP Shops of Tecno, Infinix & Itel
  • And several device retailers in the informal market For more detail on locations, please visit

1. When does the phone get locked?

Your phone received through device financing is unfortunately locked due to loan overdue based on your preferred repayment frequencies:
a. Daily (Locked after & above 24 hours of non-repayment)
b. Weekly (Locked after & above 7 days of non-repayment)
c. Monthly (Locked after and above 30 days of non-repayment)

2. How do I get my phone unlocked?
Your phone gets unlocked upon a successful payment or through our MTN service center in case of a reported case that your phone has been recovered after being stolen
3. How do I process a claim when my phone has been Stolen?

You will need to submit an approved police report to any nearest MTN service center for your replacement to get processed equivalent to the value of the remaining balance to be repaid. Your phone replacement will be executed within a maximum period of 48 hours.
4. How do I get phone repair as part of the device financing insurance policy?
You will need to visit the nearest service center with damaged device and Copy of your national ID for our support team to process the repair Your screen replacement will be executed within a maximum period of 48 hours and as a customer, you will be requested to pay 20% of the repair cost.
For any other support, please call 100 or use our customer 360 app for live chat.