Personal Services

Bulk SMS

Bulk SMS is a Prepaid and Postpaid service that allows content providers and companies to send out bulk messages to both on-net and off-net Numbers. MTN provides these enterprises with an SMSC channel to push both Applications to Person or Person-to-Person messages. SMS POSTPAID BILLING SLABS – Monthly Based. # of Slabs Minimum # of […]


For the high internet users who choose to carry out their work from home, attend online meetings and courses, stream their movies and music, we deliver super-fast home internet through Fiber-to-Home and wireless technology. MTN Enterprise Business is able to deliver you dedicated super speed Internet at your residential area/home or apartment with free installation […]


What is MTN Unicall? What are the communication solutions does MTN Unicall offer? What Are the Benefits does MTN Unicall have over traditional telephony systems? who are eligible to subscribe for MTN Unicall? So it means individuals can not subscribe for MTN Unicall? Is MTN Unicall a post-paid or prepaid service? Where can someone get […]

Managed Firewall

A comprehensive and hassle-free way to secure your servers against malicious traffic. MTN firewall: Acts as a filter between your server and the Internet Blocks malicious attempts to access your server Allows only legitimate traffic

Post-paid Internet 3G/4G

Save even more by activating one of our monthly postpaid internet plans on a flat monthly fee that suits your needs and enjoy MTN’s 3G speeds across Rwanda.MTN Internet is available on all mobile phones/devices that are 3G/4G enabled. 3G POSTPAID FLAT FEE PACKAGES  PACKAGES Validity PRICE(RWF) 100MBs Data flat fee offer 30Days 2500 300MBs […]


MTN Networking through Virtual private network (VPN) centralises your operations by connecting your business to any place in Rwanda through our reliable technologies of fibre and Point to multipoint.

Broadband Internet

MTN Broadband Internet, powered through Fiber, Microwave, Point-to-Multipoint latest technologies gives you the ability to effortlessly work online. Enjoy the best internet connectivity tailored to your bandwidth requirements and cost.

CUG(Closed User Group)

Get all your employees on unlimited voice and SMS access at an affordable monthly flat fee through MTN Closed User Group!

Local interconnect voice & sms

Definition of Key Terms “Affiliate” in relation to either party to this contract means any company or other entity which, directly or indirectly, controls such party or is controlled by such party or is under common control with such party. “Busy Hour” means the continuous one-hour period laying wholly in a given time interval for […]

Business Time

The ultimate package for the employee who is on the move- attending meetings, site visits and landing the major contract. You’ll never run out of airtime, so you’ll never miss an opportunity! Outgoing Destination Business Time per Minute MTN Mobile/MTN Fixed line Peak 39 Happy Hour (11:30pm to 3.59am) 1 Local Off-Net Mobile/Fixed (Airtel, Tigo) […]