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MTN Virtual Hosting (VS or VM) is a hosting service that offers you access to use a virtual server on Windows or Linux Operating Systems without worrying about paying for licenses or investing in expensive server hardware. Once connected to the internet, MTN Virtual Server allows you to install any application of your business and you can access it using any personal computer remotely.



  • Remote access to allow customers to manage their Virtual Servers.
  • Customer pre-selects the virtual server that best suits their needs while signing up for the service by defining the server resources needed that is vCPU, RAM and Hard disk storage size requirements.
  • Operating System pre-installed. The customer pre-selects the operating system they would like to have running on the server (either a Linux-based or Windows-based OS). The customer can then access and install their business software (database, business applications, websites e.t.c).


What packages are available?
Please contact our sales team on for more details.
Can I upgrade/downgrade the server resources?
This is done on request to MTN technical support via email and upon signing an addendum.


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