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Access unlimited Internet speeds on Wi-Fi with the MTN Hotspot Premium Monthly Flat-Fee Package With the new Hotspot offer, customers will be able to browse the whole month at 125,000frw per month. A client wishing to subscribe for MTN Hotspot Premium Flat-fee package has two options;

 1.    The Hotspot Premium Annual Package; a client signs a one year renewable contract and pays deposit of 70,000RWF refundable after 1 year

Monthly flat-fee advance is 125,000 RWF and the service comes with:

•  Free Installation

•  Free Nano Station

•  Free Booster

•  Free SIM card

   2.      The Hotspot Premium Monthly Package; a client signs less than one year contract, pays one month advance and installation and buys all the equipment needed for the installation.

   In total the clients pays

•  Monthly flat-fee advance of 125,000RWF

•  Installation fee 22,000 RWF

•  Nano station costing 110,000 RWF

•  SIM card 500 RWF



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