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MTN Facebook USSD service enables customer access their Facebook accounts and connect with their Facebook friends without connecting to the internet

How it works:
Simply dial *198# to access the subscription menu there after your able to login menu to access your Facebook account

What is the cost?
For first time users customers are offered 7 days free access to the service afterwards
Facebook USSD costs 35frw daily, 150frw weekly and 350frw monthly

What are the benefits?
Access your Facebook account without connecting to the internet by simply dialing *198#
Get instant updates and Facebook notifications from 198 via SMS for free!



Q: What us MTN Facebook USSD?
A: MTN Facebook USSD is a service that enables you to access your Facebook account, search news, friends and * notifications without having to connect to the internet

Q: How and when I can I access Facebook USSD?
By simply dialing *198#. Facebook USSD can be accessed 24hours a day

Q: Do I have to login every time I want to visit my Facebook account via USSD?
A: No you don’t. Once you are subscribed and logged onto the service you will have instant access to your account each time you dial *198#. You will only login in again once you have unsubscribed yourself from the service

Q: How do I unsubscribe from the service?
A: There are two ways to unsubscribe:

By USSD a customer dials *198*22# and they choose yes for unsubscription
By SMS you can send START to 198 to subscribe and send STOP to 198 to unsubscribe


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