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MTN Hot Spot

At last, everyone can have instant access to the internet. Surf from your laptop/computer anywhere in Kigali; day or night. You never have to wait to get to the office or the internet cafe again.

MTN Facebook SMS

MTN Facebook SMS

Introducing New BlackBerry® Packages

MTN has partnered with KCB Rwanda to provide customers with financing to buy Blackberry Devices. The Blackberry devices are bundled with Blackberry Internet Services (BIS) or Blackberry Enterprise Services (BES) and BIS subscription for a period of 1 year.


MTN gives you the option of sending messages to a group of people or advertising your products through MTN Bulk SMS.

MTN Mobile Internet Corporate Flat Fee

With MTN Internet Corporate Flat Fee you can get Unlimited Internet on you MTN Modem for only Rwf 18,000 ever month.

MTN Prepaid Blackberry

Prepaid Customers are able subscriber for BlackBerry® services on a weekly and monthly basis as below.

Reverse Billing

Eliminate or reduce the cost for customers calling your business! With Reverse Billing, people can call your business free of charge and you incur the costs.