MTN CallerTunez

MTN Caller Tunez
Entertain your callers with a jingle that suits your personality and assign a particular tune to special people.

How does it work?

Dial 3788 and follow the prompts to * a tone of your choice.

Press * to copy someone’s tone.

Dial *193# and browse to * the tone of your choice.

To Subscribe to the service Send the word “ON”  to 3788
To find code of the tone

Send “find song name” to 3788

To Purchase a Tone e.g. Tone on code 1007 Send “song codeto 3788
Assign a Tune to a particular person Send “song code friend’s number” to 3788
To set tune as default

Send code of the song to 3788

To Unsubscribe

SMS the word “OFF” to 3788

Or call 456 to get the code of the song.
What is the cost?
Subscription: Rwf 200
Purchase a song: Rwf 50


How do I * the language of my choice?
Dial 3788 and * your preferred language.

How much am I charged for calling 3788?
Calling for 3788 is free of charge.

How much does it cost me to subscribe and purchase a tone?
It costs Rwf 10 for both subscription and song download.

How long does the subscription last?
1 day renewable.

How long does the song last?
1 day renewable.

What happens if I have purchased a tone that I don’t like?
You can purchase another one.

Can I purchase a tone on dialling 3788 if I have subscribed through *193# or vice versa?
Yes, you can purchase or subscribe through any channel.

How do I deactivate my caller tune?
Send OFF to 3788.

For callertune songs and codes click on..

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