MTN Prepaid Blackberry

Prepaid Customers are able subscriber for BlackBerry® services on a weekly and monthly basis as below.

Weekly Prepaid BlackBerry®

Item BIS BES BIS+BES (Enterprise Plus)
Weekly fees per line 6,000 Rwf 6,000 Rwf 7,000 Rwf
Activation *347*6000# *347*6000# *347*7000#

Monthly Prepaid BlackBerry®

Item BIS BES BIS+BES (Enterprise Plus)
Monthly fees per line 20,000 Rwf  20,000 Rwf  25,000 Rwf
Activation *347*20000# *347*20000# *347*25000#

What are the Benefits?

  • You know the instant that an email hits your inbox, and you’ll have the capability to open it and read any attachments, reply or forward it, or * it.
  • No need to take your laptop with you to a meeting or conference, stay up to date discretely with your BlackBerry®.
  • Your inbox never gets unmanageable since you’re able to monitor it on a regular basis.
  • No more extra trips to the office to check your email outside business hours.
  • All the additional capabilities offered by a BlackBerry® device including contact lists, calendars, and more!

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