Call Divert

There will be times when you can’t answer your phone for a while. Maybe it’s a meeting or you need to focus on that big project for a few hours. Call Divert allows you to divert all calls to your voicemail or to another number so that you can work and still know that your calls are being answered.

How to Activate

Call **21*number#

Or activation can be completed through your headset:

Ericsson: menu- settings-call options-divert calls
Motorola: menu-call related features-call diverting-select option-input no
Nokia: menu-call divert-select option-activate-other no-input no
Sagem: menu-calls-call fwd-select option-activate
Trium: menu-GSM services-call diverting-select option-input no.

How to Use

Once activated, all incoming calls will be diverted to the number that you have specified automatically. Deactivate by Calling **21*yournumber#

What is the Cost

Call Divert activation is free of charge and all calls diverted are charged at the local rate to relevant network.

What are the Benefits

  • Know that your incoming calls will be answered even if you can’t!
  • Send incoming calls to your voicemail, but be able to make a call yourself!
  • Get the time you need to focus without inconveniencing your callers.

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