Reverse Billing

Eliminate or reduce the cost for customers calling your business! With Reverse Billing, people can call your business free of charge and you incur the costs.

How to Activate

You must have a post-paid account to activate Reverse Billing. Request Reverse Billing at your nearest MTN Center.
Request Reverse Billing at your nearest MTN Center or dealership and pay 10,000 Rwf Deposit fee.

How to Use

Once Reverse Billing is established on your account, you can advertise that you offer free calls to your customers or partners. You will automatically be charged for in-coming calls on your account.

What is the Cost

Activating Reverse Billing requires a post paid number (96,000rwf deposit) and thereafter you will pay for the incoming calls to your account. The incoming calls to your account cost 35rwf per minute.

What are the Benefits

  • Encourage customers or clients to contact you by making it free (or partially free) for them!
  • Combine Reverse Billing with a Short Dial number to make calling your business even easier.
  • Increase the number of calls to your business.
  • All calls are recorded on your itemized bills.
  • Use this service as a marketing tool for specific promotions – turn it on or off as needed.

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