Short Dial

One of the fundamentals of a successful business is communication convenience. Give your business a boost with Short Dial- an easy-to-read, easy-to-remember business phone number (like 3788 or 3784).

How to Activate

You must have a post-paid account to activate Reverse Billing.
Request Short Dial at your nearest MTN Center or dealership and pay 10,000 Rwf Deposit fee.

How to Use

Once you establish a Short Dial number, get the information out there to existing and potential customers through advertising and promotional materials.

What is the Cost

Activating Short Dial requires a deposit of 10,000 Rwf and an additional 5,000 Rwf per month for the service. You may select four digit number that isn’t already in use.

What are the Benefits

  • Easy-to-advertise!
  • Customers more likely to remember your phone number.
  • Increase the number of calls from existing or potential customers or clients.
  • Provide convenience for your customers, and your business will grow!

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