Itemized Bills

MTN offers completely transparent billing by providing Itemized Bills to all Post-paid customers! Call by call and SMS by SMS, you’ll be presented with a complete record of communications throughout the month.

How to Activate

For all MTN Post-paid Voice packages, MTN automatically provides Itemized Bills to customers.

How to Use

The itemized bill sent to you will contain all the information about charges to your account.

What is the Cost

Itemized Bills are free of charge for Post-paid customers!

What are the Benefits

  • Be confident that each charge is legitimate.
  • For each call or SMS, know the recipient, the time placed, and duration.
  • Include all your MTN Voice and Data packages and related services in one bill!
  • Use your itemized bill to monitor your calling and messaging so that you can modify your calling habits or your Voice package as needed.

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