Conference Calling

You’ve created your highly-functional office environment through teamwork. Get the team (up to five parties) in on an essential conversation by using Conference Calling when you all can’t sit down together.

How to Activate

No activation required – with MTN Rwanda; Conference Calling is automatically available for use on your phone!

How to Use

Make your first call; put it on hold; then make a second one. Go to call options then select conference then you call all talk together. You can add up to five people on conference call you included.

What is the Cost

While there is no cost to bring a third party into a call; you will be billed your normal rates for all generated calls; even though it’s happening simultaneously.

What are the Benefits

  • Excellent consensus building tool!
  • Efficient communication among your team.
  • Have a meeting even if you can’t get together in person.

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