FAQ - Data

Frequently asked questions regarding business data services

What is the difference between MTN Internet and MTN Broadband?
MTN Internet works on GPRS technology and offers internet mobility. It is the best solution for individuals who travel often. MTN Broadband is best suited to corporate customers within the country who require high speed internet.

Who is MTN Broadband for?
MTN Broadband is for companies that desire high internet bandwidth. Wimax offers you high Internet services wherever your office premises are in the country

What is Wimax?
Wimax in full is Worldwide Interoperability for Microwave Access. It is a standard-based wireless technology that provides high-throughput broadband connections over long distances. Wimax is used for a number of applications, including ‘last mile’ broadband connections, hot spots and high-speed enterprise connectivity for business.

Which Wimax standard is MTN using?
We are using the latest and most advanced wireless technology known as the IEE.802.16

What is MTN Networking?
MTN Networking is about linking people so that can work together more efficiently. We are therefore offering you point-to-point high-speed data transmission with unlimited capacity. The Virtual Private Network (VPN) offers secure internet connection between two points or computers. This means that not anyone can log on or interrupt or hack into these two points.

What are the advantages of MTN Business Data Solutions?

  • Fast and reliable connection
  • Security through firewalls
  • Dedicated support system (by dialing 455)