How does MTN help connect Rwandans? First, MTN works to expand its network into rural areas. Next, MTN offers public phones with affordable call rates – that’s Tuvugane. From the busy streets of Kigali to the well-worn footpaths in isolated villages, MTN Tuvugane brings communication where it is needed most.

How it Works

With a GSM public phone that looks like a land-line phone, but acts like a mobile phone, dealers can sell calls for as little as 20 RWF per 10 seconds.

To become a Tuvugane dealer, you must first purchase a specialized GSM phone. There are two companies that provide the phones used for MTN Tuvugane- BCS and Publicell. (link to 3.1.1 BCS and 3.1.2 Publicell)

To become a Tuvugane user, all you have to do is get the attention of an authorized MTN dealer (they’ll be wearing the recognizable MTN yellow) and decide how much money you have to spend on a call. The dealer will punch in the amount, and you’ll be able to call any fixed or mobile phone throughout the world!

What are the Tariffs

Calling costs are kept as affordable as possible, and can be purchased in intervals of 20 RWF.

Destination Tuvugane Tariffs
Fixed 30 Rwf  / 10 Seconds
Mobile 20 Rwf  / 10 Seconds
East Africa (Including DRC) 50 Rwf  / 20 Seconds
Rest of World 70 Rwf  / 10 Seconds

All prices are VAT inclusive


What are the Benefits

  • Ability to place calls for all Rwandans – access and affordability.
  • Receive calls and SMS at no charge!
  • Spend as little as 20 RWF to place a call!
  • Call anywhere in the world or right next door.

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