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Home and Away is a service from MTN Rwanda that allows all subscribers to use their Rwandan phone number and use the local tariff of the visited country when traveling in the East African Community- Tanzania, Uganda, and Kenya & Burundi

How to Activate It

When travelling in East Africa, your phone will automatically pick up the MTN Uganda, Safaricom, Vodacom Tanzania or Leo Burundi network based on the visited country. Should another network be selected, you will need to manually * any of the preferred networks above to enjoy the special roaming tariffs.

Manual Selection

Settings-Phone settings-Network Selection-* manual (a list of operators pops up, * any of the above networks based on the visited country)

How to Make a Call

Simply dial the country codes of the countries that you wish to call. For example; +250 for Rwanda, +254 for Kenya, +255 for Tanzania, +256 for Uganda and +257 for Burundi.

How to Recharge

Use MTN Uganda, Safaricom and Vodacom Tanzania airtime vouchers to recharge your MTN Rwanda line when travelling within the region.

Simply dial *148*Network ID of voucher*Voucher card number#

Network ID’s are:

  • Safaricom Kenya - 1
  • MTN Uganda - 2
  • Vodacom Tanzania - 3
  • MTN Rwanda - 7

Example : a MTN Rwanda subscriber in Kenya will dial *148*1*Voucher number#

or a MTN Uganda/ Safaricom Kenya/Vodacom Tanzania subscriber in Rwanda will dial *148*7*Voucher number#

MTN Uganda subscribers in Rwanda can also dial *222*Voucher number#

You can purchase normal MTN Rwanda airtime recharge vouchers from selected MTN Uganda, Vodacom Safaricom outlets.

What is the Cost

Calls to any of the other partner networks (that is; Safaricom Kenya, Vodacom, and MTN Uganda) networks will be charged at a discount regional rate. (see table below)

Charges apply when receiving calls while roaming on other networks.

You can purchase normal MTN Rwanda airtime recharge vouchers from selected Safaricom Kenya, Vodacom, and MTN Uganda outlets.

  MTN Uganda 


Leo Burundi


Safaricom Kenya


Vodacom TZ


Local calls
Calls to roaming network 123 Rwf 149 Rwf 128 Rwf 171 Rwf

Calls to other networks in visited country

202 Rwf 202 Rwf 178 Rwf 250 Rwf
Calls Backhome
Calls to home network 291 Rwf 366 Rwf 291 Rwf 291 Rwf

Calls to other networks in home country

291 Rwf 366 Rwf 291 Rwf 291 Rwf
Regional & Africa

East Africa

220 Rwf

366 Rwf

214 Rwf

234 Rwf

Rest of Africa

302 Rwf

366 Rwf

285 Rwf

245 Rwf


302 Rwf

366 Rwf

356 Rwf

405 Rwf


6,414 Rwf

6,414 Rwf

3,591 Rwf

3,591 Rwf

Receiving Calls (MTC)

183 Rwf

253 Rwf




Local / back Home

63 Rwf

100 Rwf

25 Rwf

29 Rwf

Other networks in visited country

63 Rwf

100 Rwf

34 Rwf

57 Rwf


63 Rwf

100 Rwf

71 Rwf

57 Rwf


418 per Mb

418 per MB

408 per MB

408 per MB


Additional Services
Pin Transfer Peak/Off-Peak/Happy Hour Free
Me2U Peak/Off-Peak/Happy Hour Free
PPRTU (Prepaid Roaming Top Up) Peak/Off-Peak/Happy Hour Free

All prices are VAT Inclusive

What are the Benefits

  • It is available to all MTN Rwanda PrePaid and PostPaid subscribers.
  • Subscribers do not need to migrate to any special roaming tariffs.
  • Subscribers do not require prior roaming access.
  • For PostPaid subscribers, no roaming deposit is required.
  • PrePaid subscribers can top-up their phones using both MTN Rwanda and partner networks’ recharge vouchers (scratch cards) via MTN Rwanda’s PrePaid Roaming Top-up service.

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