Call Me

Call Me allows you to reach out to someone you want to talk to; asking them to call you back! Goodbye to the "beep!"

How to Activate

This service is automatically available to all MTN Pre-paid customers; so it’s already activated!

How to Use

Dial *121*followed by the number of the person you want to call you back; then press#&OK.

A customer is entitled to send 3 free MTN Please Call Me messages per day.

MTN Call Me can be used even when roaming in East Africa; using MTN Home&Away.

What is the Cost

Call Me is free!

What are the Benefits

  • Let someone know you want to talk even if you’ve wiped out all your airtime!
  • Away at school? You have all the means to stay in touch with family at home.
  • A more polite alternative to “beeping!”

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