The Short Message Service (SMS) is a service that allows you to send short inexpensive messages (up to 160 characters) nationally and internationally. When you’re busy and can’t talk (or want to conserve your airtime); but need to spread the word; SMS is your answer.

How to Activate

Most cell phones automatically allow for the sending and receiving of SMS messages.

To set up SMS on your mobile phone: 
Step 1: * the ‘Message’ or ‘Mail’ menu.
Step 2: Find option saying Message Settings or Message Center Number and *.
Step 3: Enter +250788110333 and save - MTN SMS will be automatically activated.

How to Use

  • * the ‘Message’ or ‘Mail’ menu on your mobile.
  • Find option saying Write Message or ‘New Message’ and *.
  • Type in message using your mobile’s keypad; press the key multiple times to * the letter of choice. SMS will send a message of 160 characters at a time- if your message is longer; it will be sent in multiple SMS messages automatically.
  • * options or press the button.
  • Key in the mobile number or numbers of the person(s) youre sending the message to.
  • Press the button to send.


What is the Cost

Destination Tariff
Per Second Billing (PSB)
MTN to MTN 11Rwf
Rwandatel/Tigo/Airtel 25Rwf
International 80
Info+ 65

All prices are VAT Inclusive


What are the Benefits

  • You can send short and to the point messages quickly.
  • Sending an SMS conserves your airtime for when you really need to talk.
  • You have a written record of your messages in your inbox.
  • Send a message to multiple recipients at once.
  • Send an SMS message back simply by replying.

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