MTN MMS allows you to combine pictures; video clips; text; and graphics into one message. So you can capture special moments as they happen and share them with friends and loved ones.

Snap it. Save it. Send it.

How to Send

Sending an MMS varies from phone to phone. For example with a compatible handset:

Step 1: Take a picture
Step 2. Save the picture on your phone; or add text and or a sound clip.
Step 3. Go to messages and opt to send the message as a multimedia message.
Step 4. Send the message to another phone number; or email address.


  • In Rwanda; MTN MMS can only be sent from MTN to MTN.
  • Activate MMS delivery notification in order to know whether your MMS has been sent.
  • Each MMS must be capped at a maximum of 300KB.
  • If the MMS is bigger than 300 Kb; the message will not be sent; and the sender will not be charged.

What is the Cost

MTN to MTN MMS costs 60 Rwf per MMS.


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