Call Waiting/Holding

Call Waiting/Holding is a service that allows you to take a call even if you're currently on another call.

Call Waiting/Holding is a service that allows you to take a call even if you’re currently on another call. You can alternate as you wish; and even hang up one call while the other is still active. Don’t miss an important business call again!

How to Activate

Type *43# and then press the button to activate call holding on your SIM Card. To deactivate call holding type *43# and then press the button.

How to Use

Call waiting lets you know there’s another incoming call with a beep.
To put your first call on hold - press the number 2. And then press the button to begin talking to your second caller.

To return to your first call or to switch between calls simply press 2 and then the button again.

You also have the option to end the first call before taking the new call. To do this press 1 and then the button.

If you would like to ignore the call coming in without interrupting the initial call; press 0 and then the button. They will then be forwarded to your voicemail.

Note: Some more advanced phones have their own internal Call Waiting/Holding procedures.

What is the Cost

Call Waiting/Holding is free of charge!

What are the Benefits

  • Callers wishing to speak to you will never get a busy tone.
  • You can juggle two calls simultaneously.
  • You’ll know who is trying to call you while are on another call.
  • You’ll be able to decide whether you want to take the second call or not.