SIM Swap

SIM Swap is a service that allows you to keep your same mobile number if you need a new SIM card for any reason – whether it is lost or stolen; damaged or rejected.

How to Activate

 SIM Swap is activated by buying an MTN replacement SIM

You will be asked for the following information to verify your ownership of the original SIM card:

  1. Your former MTN mobile number – the one you want to keep
  2. A photocopy of your ID (identity card or passport)
  3. The 3 most frequently/commonly called numbers
  4. The date of the last recharge and the amount
  5. The Voice package that you were using

The customer service agent will also ask you for the following additional information:

  • First and Surname
  • Alternate contact number


How to Use Once Activated

Once confirmation is received; you may begin using your phone as before. You’ll be assigned the same voice package that you had with your former SIM card.

Recharge your account with airtime cards available at most kiosks; MTN Centers and MTN street vendors.

What is the Cost

A SIM Swap costs 500 Rwf

What are the Benefits

  • Convenience of keeping your same number; contacts and business cards
  • SIM Swap can be done from anywhere you go

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