MTN Top Up Services

MTN Rwanda provides trusted technology that allows Prepaid customers to send mobile Top Up credit instantly. 

Never worry about running out of credit again as we'll top it up automatically using the below secured channels of your convenience:

  • Mobile Money

Mobile Money is a secured electronic wallet service that enables registered users to save, send and receive money, buy Airtime, pay TV, pay electricity, pay water bills, pay bills, Pull and Push from banks on the go by dialing *182# .
You can use this safe, easy electronic payment by accessing the deposited money on your MoMo wallet by dialing *182#, choose your preferred language, * 2 for Buy, * “MTN Airtime” and follow the prompts. Customers can perform Self Top up and even load airtime for their Friends and Families using MTN Rwanda sim cards while inside the country or abroad.
For more details, please visit:

  • Physical Voucher

Physical Voucher services provides you with the opportunity to purchase and sell airtime after signing a contract with our franchise shops across the country.
With our Physical Voucher service, after scratching the hidden code and using the MTN Rwanda sim card, simply dial *130*Voucher code#

  • VTU Services

With our Virtual Top-Up secured system, we enable individual and Corporate companies to sell airtime per individual or in bulk. Virtual Top-Up is where airtime is directly loaded to end users across the country through our service centers or from any MTN agent. This virtually loaded airtime to your MTN Rwanda main balance can be used for Voice, Internet and SMS.

  • PIN Transfer

PIN Transfer enables customers to load Physical vouchers directly to another number,
Through our simplified solution, simply dial *746*Voucher Code*Number#

  • Me2U

Me2U, a service exclusively for MTN Pre-paid users; it is an easy and convenient way to directly share airtime from your account with other MTN Pre-paid users.

  • How to Use?

Dial *772# and follow the prompts or *772*MSISDN*Amount# then press OK
Allowed denomination per transaction to send are 100Rwf 500Rwf, 1,000Rwf or 2,000Rwf

  • What is the Cost?

Allowed Denomination

Receiver Charges









  • What are the Benefits?
    • Share your airtime at any time.
    • Easily and automatically empower someone important to you to stay connected when they need it.
    • You can now share from 100Rwf up to 20000Rwf per Day

     Business rules

  • Customer “A” sending Me2U to customer “B”, the amount transferred will be deducted from Customer “A” airtime.
  • Amount to be transferred is limited to 20,000Rwf per Day.
  • Number of transactions per Day are not limited as long as the limit amount of 20,000Rwf has not been reached per Day.
  • A Customer dialing the direct code *772*Number*amount# with one of the authorized amount (100;500;1000;2000) will be given Kinyarwanda notifications
  • A Customer dialing the direct code *772*Number*Amount# with wrong amount will be redirected to step 4 in the below New Menu Layout.
  • Through the “New Menu Layout”, Customers will be notified via SMS based on the selected language.

Urgently need airtime?
Dial *151# and get Advance Airtime from MTN
Ihereze is a new service from MTN that allows you to borrow airtime in advance with your mobile phone when you run out of airtime.  A service fee plus the amount requested will then be deducted on your next recharge. The table below shows borrowable denominations, related criteria and how to use the service.

  • To access the service – Dial *151#
  • Requesting a specific amount – Dial *151## for example; *151*50# to request for 50Rwf
  • Checking the outstanding balance – Dial *151*2#
  • Checking whether you qualify – Dial *151*1#

Borrowable Denominations (Rwf)

Minimum time on network to qualify

Service Fees (Rwf)

Amount to be recovered (Rwf)


3 months




3 months




3 months




3 months




3 months




3 months




3 months




3 months



Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is the Ihereze?
A: This service allows you to borrow emergency airtime when you have run out of airtime. You are expected to repay the borrowed airtime on your next top up.
Q: How do I get to be eligible for this service?
A: You need to have been an active MTN customer for at least 3 months.

Q: How do I apply for the service?
A: You send a request through this short code *151# and follow instructions, you will be provided with a list of all the denominations of airtime available to borrow. You can request for a specific denominations by dialing: *151#and follow instructions.

Q: Can I call other networks with the borrowed Airtime?
A: Yes you can.

Q: Can I make international calls with the borrowed Airtime?
A: Yes, you can.

Q: Can I use the borrowed Airtime to Browse the Internet?
A: Yes you can.

Q: I dialed *151# but got no response
A: We encourage you to try making the request once again. There is a likelihood that there may be many requests on the system or a temporary system downtime.

Q: I applied for airtime on credit service but got a message informing me that I am not eligible
A: This may happen for a number reasons:

  • You may have just joined the network recently thus not meeting the minimum age on the network of 3 months.
  • It may also be as a result of not regularly loading and using your MTN line.
  • You may be owing from a previous credit. You must repay this amount first before applying again.

Q: I used Airtime on Credit Service long ago yet you deducted your repayment this week
A: This could be due to delay the system getting recharge notifications. We should be able to recover airtime owed as soon as you reload, and if there are delays in such notifications it could result in a delay in deduction after any one of your reloads.
Q: What happens if I receive airtime through ME2U and I have taken a loan?
A: The amount will be used to partially or fully settle the outstanding credit. Any transaction that credits the main account triggers a recovery if the subscriber has a loan.

Q: What happens if I don’t use part or all of the Airtime on Credit Service I borrowed after 48 hours?
A: MTN will start recovering amounts owed after 48 hrs and will take back any unused airtime.

Q: What happens if I don’t repay my loan after 48 hours?
A: You will not be able to access ACS again until you pay back the entire amount owed and it will adversely affect your rating which is important for qualifying for higher amounts in future.

Q: What minimum balance should I have in my account to successfully apply for Airtime Credit Services?
A: You can apply for this service with any amount in your main account.

Q: I borrowed 100RWF but you took 110RWF. Why?
A: The amount you repaid includes a 10RWF service charge.

Q: Can I use the service again before repaying the previous advance? 
A: No, you must first repay the all the amount owning before you are allowed to use the service again.

Q: I borrowed 100RWF and I have not recharged my account since. When do you start deducting from the remaining balance?
A: We begin deducting from your main airtime balance account 48 hours after you borrowed.

Q: What happens to the airtime advanced if replaced my SIM card?
A: The airtime advanced remains intact and will be accessible as soon as you * your SIM card as long as the 48 hours grace period has not expired.


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