Q. How can I start to you the MTN TV Irebere Nawe service?
A. Download the FREE MTN TV Irebere Nawe app from Android Play Store

How much does it cost use the service

MTN TV Daily

100 Rwf


MTN TV Weekly

500 Rwf


MTN TV Monthly

3000 Rwf


Q. Can I use my normal internet bundles to enjoy the MTN TV Irebere Nawe Service?
A. No, you will need to subscribe to any of the bundles above from the MTN TV App menu

Q. Am I notified once my bundle has expired?
A. Yes, you will receive an in-app notification when you are left with 15M and an SMS notification should your bundle expire

Q. Can I share my MTN TV bundle
A. No, MTN TV bundles are not transferable

Q. Can I use the MTN TV Service on my Laptop
A. Currently the service I available on mobile only but a web development will follow in coming phases

Q. Am unable to find the MTN TV Irebere Nawe on Apples iOS Store
A. This is currently under development and will be available soon. You will be notified by SMS

Will my airtime or data bundle be affected
No, you will always be charged from the MTN TV bundle that you have purchased

Q. Can I download the videos from the MTN TV app
A. Yes, you can download videos to your offline folder (My MTN TV) but not to your mobile device. The downloaded video will last the same period just like the validity of your bundle

Q. Can I use Wi-Fi to use stream the MTN TV App
A. You will be required to use the MTN Mobile internet connection

Q. Can I use the MTN TV Irebere Nawe service while out of Rwanda
A. No, the service will be accessible only in Rwanda

Q. Can I buy the bundle using my Mobile Money Account
A. This service is currently unavailable but will be featuring in upcoming app developments/upgrades


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