MTN Virtual Server

MTN Virtual Server (VS or VM) is a hosting service that offers you access to use a virtual server on Windows or Linux Operating Systems without worrying about paying for licenses or investing in expensive server hardware. Once connected to the internet, MTN Virtual Server allows to install any application of your business and you can access it using any personal computer remotely.


The service will provide the following web functionalities;
·        Remote access tool that will be used by customers to manage their VMs.
·        Depending on the server purchased, the following shall be provided;
      Operating Systems (Linux, Windows). This enables the customer operate the server from one of these two operating systems and install his business software (database, business applications, websites…)

·        Software as a service functionality that will enable the inclusion of the following:
           Backup. In order to recover from any data loss or corruption due to a glitch of the customer's business application, this service helps to periodically backup and restore critical and sensitive data generated in the course of operating the server.

·        Eliminate huge software license fees
·        No need for steep start-up capital costs
·        Scalability, high availability, and reliability
·        Full access control per virtual server
·        24/ 7 access anywhere anytime
·        Increased efficiency for people on the go
·        Periodic Backup


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