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MTN Internet Me2U service ensures that no one ever runs short of Mobile Internet. With this innovative service, subscribers can now GIFT or ASK for Internet bundles from their friends or family when in need ANYTIME and ANYWHERE.

How does it work?

A peer-to-peer (P2P) request is initiated by the user using a predefined USSD code.

  • Dial the MTN Internet Me2U USSD code : *825*10#
  • * any one of the three options.
    • Gift Internet
    • Ask Internet
    • Pending request

1. GIFT Internet

To Gift Internet means you can transfer Internet bundles to your friend.
Please ensure the following:

  • You have enough balance in your main account to Gift
  • Friend you are Gifting to is an MTN Rwanda subscriber.


  • Dial *825*10#
  • * option for Gift Internet
  • Enter the Mobile number of who you want to Gift Internet to
  • * the desired amount from the given Internet Gifting options 
  • The selected bundle would then be Gifted
  • A notification SMS will be sent to you and your friend confirming that the Internet bundle has been successfully Gifted.
  • Your friend can check the Gifted Internet balance by dialling *825*11#.

2. ASK Internet

To Ask Internet means that you can ask for an Internet bundle from your friend.
Please ensure the following:

  • The friend you are asking for Internet bundles is an MTN Rwanda subscriber.


  • Dial *825*10#
  • * option for Asking Internet
  • Enter the Mobile number of the friend you want to Ask for an Internet bundle
  • * the desired amount from the given Ask Internet options
  • A notification SMS will be sent to your friend asking for an Internet bundle on your behalf

Your friend who you have asked, needs to do the following:

  • Dial *825*10#
  • * 3 for Pending Internet Request followed by choosing the particular request.
  • Choose 1 to Accept, 2 to Reject.


Here, you can view Internet bundle requests sent to you by your friends.

  • Dial *825*10#
  • * 3 for Pending Request
  • * your pending request.
  • Choose 1 to Accept , 2 to Reject the selected request
  • A notification SMS would be sent to your friend confirming that you have accepted or rejected the request.
  • FAQ's

Who can I Gift Internet or Ask Internet from?

You can Gift or ask Internet to/from any MTN Rwanda subscriber.

Are there any charges on Gifting Internet?

A 10% fee of the Internet bundle value will be levied by the Operator and will be deducted from your airtime balance.

Are there any charges on receiving Internet MBs?

No, there are no charges for receiving Internet bundles.

For how long are the Gifted Internet MBs valid?

Gifted Internet is valid as per the defined validity. This will be credited in a dedicated account and not in the main account.

  • Can I rollback the Internet MBs Gifted?

No, you cannot. Internet bundles once Gifted cannot be returned. But, you can ask your friend you Gifted to send it back to you and he/she will have it deducted from their airtime balance.

  • What happens to my Internet balance if I Gift Internet bundles to an invalid Mobile Number?

If the receiver is not an MTN Rwanda subscriber, the transaction will be unsuccessful and your airtime balance will NOT be deducted.



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