MTN Facebook Zero

Pay 0 data charges when you access from your mobile phone to catch up with friends old and new; exclusively on MTN. or is a lightweight; text-only (no photos) version of the standard Facebook mobile site ( and it is free for users to browse this site.

What is the Cost

Only mobile access to is free. MTN does not charge the user for data access on text-only pages. Standard data charges apply to or Terms and conditions apply.

Key Features

  1. Ultra lightweight; faster mobile site
  2. The site is text only so data usage is very low (Approximately 1.5MB of data will be consumed on average by a user in one month).
  3. Free browsing of the text-only site (MTN does not charge the user for data access on text-only pages).
  4. Viewing photos or external links is one click away. The user pays for data when viewing photos or external links. (Mobile operator charges the user for data access on pages with photos)

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