MTN Tap&Pay

MTN Tap&Pay
MTN Tap&Pay is a quick and efficient way to pay using your Mobile Money funds at any participating merchant.

How does MTN Tap&Pay work?
You * your goods, the amount is entered into the POS device, you tap your phone, provide your PIN and away you go, all within a matter of seconds. There is no need to navigate a long USSD menu nor to enter in a long string of digits.

How does the contactless (NFC) technology work?
NFC (Near Field Communication) works by enabling two devices to communicate between themselves when they are within close proximity to each other – usually within a finger width.
What are the charges?
You are only charged for the items you purchase. You will not be charged transaction fees.

What are the MTN Tap&Pay tags?
These tags allow a consumer to make a purchase, pay a bill, top up their airtime.  The tags are used to identify the consumer and are linked to their Mobile Money account.

What happens if I lose my phone or tag?
All Mobile Money accounts are secured by a PIN known only to the account holder.  If you lose your phone then you will need to inform MTN and have your MTN Tap&Pay tag de-activated at any service centre. You can also request to have a new Tag issued.

Where do I get an MTN Tap&Pay Tag?
From service centres & MTN authorized dealers.

What information is stored on the MTN Tap&Pay Tag?
The tag is used to identify your Mobile Money account. 

I tapped my tag on the merchant POS but nothing happened, what does this mean?
The tag is probably damaged and you need to * it. 
Please note that constant displacement of the tag and moving it from device to device will shorten its lifespan and will most probably lead to a damaged sticker.

Why am I not getting the PIN entry request on my phone?

  • No network coverage
  • Damaged Tag
  • Keypad is Locked
  • If it’s a dual SIM and the card in slot 2/SIM2

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