Business Call Assist

Business Call Assist is a virtual IVR solution that allows companies to automatically configure the management of incoming calls and to direct the caller to the relevant department according to their needs.

Business Call Assist offers several advantages to the companies:

  • A dedicated virtual business number.
  • Use the functionality of an easy to use interactive voice response system.
  • Call redirection features.
  • Centralized and visual management of your calls and voice messages through a simple user-friendly web interface
  • Flexible solution adapting to the specific needs of the company.
  • Set and communicate promotional messages to the callers as needed.
  • Automatically forward calls to the right employee or team.
  • Record voice messages, get notified through email and listen them later at your convenience.
  • Online phone book that automatically saves the contact of every caller
  • No physical deployment required

SMEs benefits include:

  • Professional Image: With Business Call Assist, your company gives a professional image by improving customer engagement. A professional handling of caller significantly increases the chances of turning a prospect into a customer.
  • Mobility and Flexibility: Receive calls on a fixed or mobile number in an office or on the move without impacting the business. Diverting calls to other numbers minimizes the risk of missing business opportunities.
  • Productivity and Control: Thanks to this solution, each employee is involved and empowered. You can now check business calls managed by employees and produce necessary management and performance reporting.
  • Economy: No CAPEX. Unlike PBX, Business Call Assist does not require installation of any hardware or software. It is easy to configure and is compatible with any mobile or landline phone.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What is Business Call Assist?

Business Call Assist is a virtual IVR solution, a value-added service that allows companies to automatically configure the management of incoming calls and to direct the caller to the relevant department according to their needs.

Who can subscribe to Business Call Assist?

This service is available to any customer (Small & Medium Enterprise customer) who would like to manage their calls more efficiently and professionally.

How do I subscribe to this offer?

By contacting your MTN Business Account Executive if you are an existing client. You may also drop an email to

Do I need to do any installation for this system to work for me?
No, the Business Call Assist solution is internet-based. As a subscriber you only need access to the internet in order to access and manage it. No installation is needed.

Am I able to receive calls from other non-MTN numbers?
You can receive calls from non-MTN numbers, although you cannot forward calls to them.

How much does it cost?

For 25,000 RWF per month, your business gets a virtual dedicated number that will be able to forward calls to 2 mobile numbers free of charge. Additional call forward mobile numbers will be charged 5,000 RWF each. Note that this is a post-paid service.

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