MTN Broadband

There is no better solution for your small, medium or large business needs than MTN Broadband.
MTN Broadband, powered by Wimax & Fiber networks gives you the ability to reach clients and suppliers online. MTN Offers up to 30MBPS connectivity enabling your office to effortlessly navigate the internet and share documents no matter the file size.

What is the Cost

For enquires, contact the MTN Business Sales team: !

How to Use

Once broadband equipment is installed in your office, MTN will assist you in setting up all your computers to access it. With the settings in place, a computer will always be connected to the Internet!

What are the Benefits

Hassle free high-speed broadband connection.

  • Use the same connection for multiple computers in your office.
  • Unlimited Internet for your office.
  • Service Level guarantee.
  • Complementary email addresses.

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